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Handcrafted Hand-Made Chocolates

Updated: May 5, 2020

What does handcrafted mean to you? To us it is the time, the attention to detail, and it is the care and love that goes into each one of our hand made chocolate products.

Handcrafted chocolate bars

The handcrafted experience starts at the planning stage where Liss Morgan, Master Chocolatier, plans and then tests hand made chocolate flavour combinations. Some of Harlech Chocolates most popular hand made chocolates are influenced by the treats our Master Chocolatier and many of our customers would remember growing up. These 'traditional' hand made chocolate flavours like dark chocolate and mint, orange and dark chocolate, and milk chocolate with popping candy will always be classics inspired by childhood memories.

In the kitchens at Harlech Chocolates, Celtig Cofiadwy, infusions take hand making to a new level. For example using just the right amount of peppermint oil and adding a crunchy balance of crystallised mint flowers allow you to 'experience' the hand made chocolate across the senses of sight, smell and sound - as well as taste.

You will often find a limited edition hand made chocolate available, for example the seasons inspired Liss to create a handcrafted white chocolate and elderberry chocolate bar, infused with elderberries and decorated with the flowers.

Each hand made chocolate is planned as a idea, and then tested in the kitchen to get a hand crafted balance across the senses. Harlech chocolates access a professional panel of four taste testers - who importantly, each have different flavour palettes - and each are presented with hand made taster bars to test the chocolate. They are each asked a series of questions around taste, texture, after taste and overall satisfaction.

When we are ready to make a batch for sale, to ensure each batch is just perfect, we make our chocolate, by hand, just one kilo at a time. Find out more about how we make chocolate.

Handcrafted Chocolate Truffles

Our delightful truffles are handmade chocolates with each taking three days to make.

After hand making the moulds and shells on day one, day two we make ganache fillings. This is a delicate process of ensuring exactly the right temperatures are met at exactly the right times, for our carefully balanced ingredients to combine. We will either make one of our caramel or toffee bases or an infused cream base - each a fragile equalisation to produce the exquisite sensory experience we want you to have when you hold and bite into our hand made chocolate truffles. Once the ganache is made, it is hand piped into the chocolate shells and precisely agitated to ensure there are no bubbles and they are left, at an exact temperature, overnight.

Day three our hand made chocolate truffles are born. The chocolate shells already now filled with ganache, are individually sealed up, hand dipped and hand decorated before they are packaged up, or placed fresh on display in our store.

View some of our handcrafted chocolate bars in our online shop

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