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The 'Fourth' Chocolate - Ruby Revealed

White, milk and dark chocolate. That's what we need to know about chocolate - right? Wrong. Really wrong. Welcome, Ruby chocolate - a dazzling taste experiences, with a fresh berry taste.

Oh no. There are no berries, berry flavours or pink colouring in ruby chocolate, this delicious fresh chocolate experience comes from the ruby cocoa bean grown under unique climate conditions in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast.

This special ruby cocoa bean goes through a specific, patented processing that unlocks the unique colour and flavour that is are naturally present in the bean. The base product is then lovingly prepared the same way we handcraft all our chocolate, into small and large blocks with special patterns and pairings.

How does it taste? Sweet and sour, milky and creamy, and with a strong, berry flavour this is one NOT to be missed. Try it yourself with Celtig Cofiadwy.

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