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Artisan Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Our artisan vegan chocolate truffle range was created to a delicious balance of cocoa and delicious flavoured truffle centres, all following our natural kitchen philosophy and with no added animal products.

How We Make Our Vegan Chocolate Truffles

The process for us starts with selecting the best available dark chocolate produced on its own - with no milk contaminants. Our vegan chocolate truffles are made in a kitchen that handles dairy based chocolate, however, before making our vegan chocolate, we do a full clean down, eliminating any animal products from the creation spaces for the duration of production.

Our Commitment to Quality Vegan Chocolate

The philosophy of our handcrafted chocolate extends to our artisan vegan chocolate. From our carefully sourced Sicilian oranges, Italian hazelnuts, South African peanuts, Italian roast coffee, we interrogate each product supply to ensure that its not only vegan friendly, but palm oil free, and free of artificial flavourings and chemical substitutes. We are completely committed to a 'natural' kitchen, you can be assured that we will not compromise these values to simply add a vegan label.

The Complete Range of Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Our Master Chocolateir, Liss Morgan, had a lot of fun choosing the shapes and decoration for the character of the vegan chocolate truffle range. The 70% dark chocolate has been carefully balanced with each flavoured centre to bring out the best in a vegan artisan chocolate truffle. The vegan chocolate truffle range from Celtig Cofiadwy is currently available in strawberry, orange, ginger, coffee, mint, raspberry, peanut, hazelnut, honeycomb and our exciting popping candy.


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