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We Support Local Businesses

We are based in Harlech, a seaside community in North Wales. Experience castles, caverns & sunsets on beaches - as well as fresh and local produce from people who pride themselves in what they produce. Here we list some of the lovely things you can find on a visit to North Wales, or on the way to and from our lovely village.

Hufenfa'r Castell - The Castle Creamery

Hufenfa'r Castell is a family owned and run ice creamery - the very same where you will also find our chocolate sold. The Hufenfa'r team make their ice cream fresh each day. They use only the best Welsh Whole Milk, Welsh Double Cream from Llaeth dy LLyn and British Farm Assured Sugar.

Free from palm oil, mono diglycerides and fatty acids. They also do not use any artificial colours or flavours. Find a mountain of passion and  love for each ice cream produced. Hufenfa'r Castell promise to make for you the best hand crafted ice cream and sorbets using only the freshest of ingredients.



The Old Cheese Market

A friendly, family run shop which provides quality, local, reasonably priced produce. Fresh cheeses and meats each day and delicious breads, croissants and pasties too! Also good for Welsh beer, cider, gins and both old and new world wines. Yum yum yum!!!


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